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Investing in the well-being of the world

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Our vision
Responsible investing is no longer a question of why, but why not? 

Hanneke Smits, CEO
Global Head of BNY Investments

We are trusted stewards of our clients’ assets

Creating prosperity for our clients while supporting companies we believe offer a sustainable future is a shared objective across BNY Mellon Investment Management. Using ESG data alongside conventional financial factors, our specialist investment firms analyse multiple perspectives to identify the opportunities they believe can deliver long-term value.

As one of the largest asset managers in the world we are a significant part of the financial system. We strive to respond to the most pressing global issues – social as well as financial. We are invested in the well-being of the world. To do so we engage with companies to create more effective risk management, responsible capital allocation and more sustainable business practices to generate greater benefits for our societies, economies and the environment.

Because we believe in being responsible. Because it is investing as it should be.







Our credentials

We’re ready


Our history in responsible investing dates back more than 40 years. Our investment firms are industry leaders. For decades they have been concerned with, and interested in, the repercussions diversity, the environment and labour practices can have on the profitability and longevity of the companies in which they invest. Despite the wealth of experience we possess, we recognise Responsible Investment is still in its infancy – a nascent trend consuming our industry. Here’s why we’re prepared.


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Our investment firms


Our specialist investment firms have their own individual investment processes and culture. Yet we all have a core belief in common – that investing responsibly on behalf of our clients will help us to create the world and the future we all wish to see.





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