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Our mission is to leverage BNY Mellon’s strengths as a leading asset management, wealth management and investment servicing firm to bring Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and advisory solutions to institutional investors worldwide.


clients worldwide



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March 31, 2023




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We serve endowments, foundations, retirement plans, family offices, governments and financial intermediaries.


OCIO (discretionary) / OIO (non-discretionary)
Customized Portfolio Management


Portfolio design
Asset allocation
Manager research/selection
Performance/risk analysis
Trust and custody facilitation

Our Process


Collaborate with an investor to understand and validate their investment goals, preferences and constraints


Design a solution consistent with the investment profile established during the consulting phase


Implement the solution in accordance with the parameters and guidelines agreed upon during the design phase

/ Monitor

Conduct periodic performance & risk monitoring of an executed solution and share analysis with an investor


Provide infrastructure to support the operational and governance needs of an investor


Our scale and expertise makes all the difference

The team of investment professionals has expertise across multiple areas including asset allocation and portfolio construction. By bringing together our existing capabilities into a single unit, we’re able to support our clients’ unique investment needs with greater precision.


We build portfolios that seek to minimize the dispersion of investment performance around a desired outcome.


Our research and perspectives

We periodically publish research and perspectives on a range of topics, including governance, capital markets, asset allocation, portfolio implementation, client segment-specific issues and industry best practices. Below are some recent examples.

Alternative Investments 2024: Unlocking Potential

In an environment where investors face uncertainty from many directions, we explore how alternatives can help steady the path of the 60/40 portfolio and eight cyclical and secular themes shaping the non-traditional investment landscape.

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2024 Capital Market Assumptions: The Path to Normalization

The 2024 edition of our 10-Year Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) offers our projections for asset class returns, volatilities and correlations over the next decade. This yearly exercise helps in shaping the design of our investors’ long-term portfolios.

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The path to robust strategic asset allocation

Two keys to a portfolio design process that can fulfill multiple, competing objectives are an adaptable research philosophy and a flexible technology platform. In this paper, Keith R. Collier, CFA, Director of Asset Allocation Research, explains the evolution of the BNY Mellon Investor Solutions approach to strategic asset allocation (SAA) – from the artisanal to the systematic – and how that journey led to the development of a unique robust SAA methodology that can stand the test of time.

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Operational Due Diligence - FAQs

The Operational Due Diligence Team at BNY Mellon Investor Solutions, LLC is dedicated to evaluating the business, operational, compliance and fund structure risks of prospective and current managers for client accounts. Our process is independent, yet complementary, to the manager research process, which examines investment risks. In this paper we outline our ethos, process and practice – encompassing our current focus amid today’s challenging backdrop of heightened risks and restrictions on company visits.

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Investment Manager Assessment: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

In this white paper, BNY Mellon Investor Solutions describes its holistic DEI evaluation approach for investment manager assessment that includes firm and strategy considerations.

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Designing robust strategic asset allocations under constraints and uncertainty

Today’s institutional investors require strategic asset allocations (SAAs) resilient to long-term uncertainty. The concept of “robust” portfolios that reduce shortfall risk – even when the future doesn’t go entirely as planned – can help address this challenge. In this paper, Keith R. Collier, CFA, Director of Asset Allocation Research, provides an overview of BNY Mellon Investor Solutions’ Robust SAA Design process and highlights specific innovations that differentiate our approach from conventional methods.

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Alternative Risk Premia: An Alternative to Alternatives

An emerging area of interest for investors, academia and practitioners, we examine how diversified alternative risk premia (ARP) strategies may serve as a replacement for certain hedge fund exposures within a portfolio, offering both a lower fee and favourable diversification benefits. This paper, authored by James Podder, CFA, CAIA and Jasmine Yu, PhD, CFA, CAIA, defines and outlines ARP and the role it can play in diversified portfolios.

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