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  • Powering nickel’s growing demand

    As the push for renewables and electric vehicles grows, so does the need for metals like nickel. Learn more in Marketeye.

  • Demographic Dilemma

    With life expectancy increasing and fertility rates decreasing, the world is experiencing a shift in population structure. See how the change in demographics could impact society.

  • Back to the 70s?

    Flashback to the 70s! Newton portfolio manager Andy Warwick believes we’re in for a decade of price instability, heightened geopolitical risks and volatility. Find out in MarketEye.

  • The rise of AI

    View this infographic to discover the key facts around the adoption of artificial Intelligence.

  • A bargaining chip for the US

    Semiconductor chips are central to the global economy – and sit at the centre of a technology battle between the US and China. Where is demand highest? Find out in Marketeye.

  • US onshore manufacturing on the rise

    The US could see a resurgence of global industrial production over the next 10 years. What does it mean for investment opportunities? Check out our latest MarketEye for more.

  • Urge to splurge

    While recession fears may have some tightening their purse strings, others are spending big on high-end goods. Learn more about luxury shopping trends in our latest MarketEye.

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