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  • Powering nickel’s growing demand

    As the push for renewables and electric vehicles grows, so does the need for metals like nickel. Learn more in Marketeye.

  • Demographic Dilemma

    With life expectancy increasing and fertility rates decreasing, the world is experiencing a shift in population structure. See how the change in demographics could impact society.

  • Back to the 70s?

    Flashback to the 70s! Newton portfolio manager Andy Warwick believes we’re in for a decade of price instability, heightened geopolitical risks and volatility. Find out in MarketEye.

  • The rise of AI

    View this infographic to discover the key facts around the adoption of artificial Intelligence.

  • US onshore manufacturing on the rise

    The US could see a resurgence of global industrial production over the next 10 years. What does it mean for investment opportunities? Check out our latest MarketEye for more.

  • Championing the planet

    The upcoming Earth Day serves as an opportunity to reflect upon our wonderful planet. While progress has been made to improve environmental health, work can still be done.

  • Urge to splurge

    While recession fears may have some tightening their purse strings, others are spending big on high-end goods. Learn more about luxury shopping trends in our latest MarketEye.

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