Vantage Point: Alphabet Soup

Since the last edition of Vantage Point, Covid-19 has wreaked both human and economic devastation on the world. In this edition, we look back at what we’ve been through, look ahead to what might happen, assess the monetary and fiscal policy response, analyze the impact on markets and finally draw some broad investment conclusions in what is a highly uncertain and rapidly-evolving situation.

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A municipal balancing act

The negative economic and fundamental credit consequences of COVID-19 are raising concerns among municipal investors – yet for a number of reasons wide-scale defaults in the market appear unlikely.

Rise of the fallen angels

A substantial amount of corporate debt has been downgraded as the economy tries to stomach the effects of Covid-19, possibly leading to potential opportunities for investors. 

Future2024: Is your asset allocation future-proof?

Artificial intelligence and climate change are already beginning to radically transform asset management.

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