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Assessment of Value Report
October 2021

Welcome to our latest Assessment of Value Report.
This report objectively appraises 40 of the funds in the BNY Mellon Investment Funds range.

Sustainable investing at Newton Investment Management

Invest with purpose, aiming to deliver attractive outcomes for clients that can help foster a healthy and vibrant world for all.

Why Newton?

Newton understands the investments it makes can have far-reaching influence – not just on its clients’ financial prospects, but on the environmental and social factors which can shape those prospects.
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Responsible Horizons

Many investors are looking to achieve a positive environmental or social impact, and to invest in sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time.

Why Responsible Horizons?

Help build the future you are saving for and make investment count.
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Efficient Fixed Income Beta Solutions

Clients have been telling us that they are not getting satisfactory fixed income returns from either their passive or active managers. Efficient Beta is our way of approaching this challenge.

Why Efficient Beta?

Combining our expertise in active management and our heritage in the ETF ecosystem, we have developed an innovative answer to the problem of inefficiencies in ETF investing.
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Market watch with Shamik Dhar

Chief Economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management


Responsible investment:
Challenges of tomorrow

From climate change to post Covid-19 recovery, as the focus sharpens on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, how can companies and those who invest in them best address the responsible investment challenges of tomorrow and the regulatory requirements they may bring?


Vantage Point - Air Pocket

Welcome to the latest edition of Vantage Point, our quarterly economic and market outlook.

Despite an extraordinary economic worldwide recovery from the pandemic attention is once again moving to the challenges ahead. While the world economy has done well, there has been enormous variation between countries. On top of that, global supply chains have been put under enormous pressure. Meanwhile, inflation continues to surprise to the upside in a number of countries.

Our economic scenarios haven’t changed much since we last published, nor have the probabilities we attach to them, but there are two important innovations we want readers to be aware of. Read this quarter’s Vantage Point to find out more.


Vantage Point - Dialing down

Welcome to the latest edition of Vantage Point. While most of our scenarios still center on the economic disruption the virus has caused, in our view the balance between aggregate demand and aggregate supply will determine the outlook for growth, employment and inflation.

Three of our four forecast scenarios make different assumptions about these underlying economic issues which imply different outcomes for the balance of aggregate demand and supply and, by implication, inflationary pressure. Our final scenario is a China focused slowdown that would turn into something more serious than what is currently being priced in.

Our MarketEye blog

How fixed income could help our carbon transition

Decarbonising the European economy alone could cost many trillions of euros in investment over the next 30 years, according to some forecasts, but both labelled bonds and other techniques could help markets meet this target.

A red metal renaissance

The price of copper has enjoyed robust performance in recent months, though while its prospects look bright there may be headwinds looming.

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