BNY Mellon snap comment: UK parliament and Brexit

With rebel alliance MPs working to block a no-deal Brexit, UK prime minister Boris Johnson has faced early frustration in his own attempts to hold a snap general election, Against this backdrop, BNY Mellon Investment Management chief economist Shamik Dhar considers how this fluid situation might play out.

Vantage Point: Taking out Insurance

Whilst our global economic scenarios haven’t changed a lot since Q2, the balance of risks is definitely shifting towards the downside. What does this mean for investors?


Emerging Markets

The emerging market (EM) sector has made a strong start to 2019 despite the continued presence of geopolitical risk and market volatility.  In our special report we will explore the developments and trends in this sector, and how they might shape the EM landscape in the year to come.

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Flights or Ferraris?

The growing move by millennials to spend money on experiences, rather than ’things’ could have a host of implications for companies across the retail, consumer and entertainment and fitness sectors.

Mind the Wage Gap

A disconnect between higher productivity and wage growth may be leading to growing inequality.