Consolidated Assessment of Value Report: March 2021

Welcome to our latest Assessment of Value report – in which we objectively appraise six of our funds and assess the value they provide.


Introducing Newton's new CEO

Euan Munro shares his thoughts on joining Newton Investment Management as Chief Executive Officer.



Market watch with Shamik Dhar

Chief Economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management


Vantage Point - Transitory?

Welcome to another edition of Vantage Point. Since we last published three months ago, world economic activity has continued to pick up strongly, particularly in those countries that have rolled out vaccinations to a large proportion of the population. Financial markets priced in the strong ‘V’ some time ago, and are now looking beyond, with much focus on what will happen to inflation particularly in the US. We cover this reassessment and its impact on markets and investment conclusions in our new Vantage Point.


Thematic investing:
A framework for the future

If change is the only constant, how can we prepare for what’s to come? Technological innovation, social frictions and environmental imperatives all have the potential to unwind the thread of portfolio performance. But by adopting a thematic framework we believe investors can anticipate at least some of these disruptive forces.

Our MarketEye blog

The 'S' factor

Social issues are moving to the top of the agenda for many investors.

The challenges facing renewables

Will innovation and human ingenuity prevail over the challenges faced by renewable energy’s widespread adoption?

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