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UK Fund Range Name Change

As of today, the names of our funds in the UK-domiciled Mellon Investment
Funds (MIF) range will change to BNY Mellon + (strategy).




As professional investors, we know you are dealing with a multitude of change in the industry. From regulatory pressures and market vagaries, to technological advancements and changing business models.

Against this backdrop, we appreciate you need and want creative and critical thinkers, competitive pricing, diversified solutions, quality reporting and service. We understand you are looking for new approaches, models and ways of solving challenges, while having confidence such a company can provide the necessary size, scale and distribution capability. This suits us perfectly.

An important aspect in providing top-class service is to help you identify and access the full suite of capabilities we have globally. That is why BNY Mellon Investment Management is now our consistent retail brand across the world.

This is why, as of today, the names of our funds in the UK-domiciled range will start with BNY Mellon.





What does this mean?

  • This brings the MIF sub-funds in line with the existing naming convention of our Dublin-domiciled UCITS umbrella, Mellon Global Funds. It follows a 3 June rebrand of our North American-based fund offerings, from Dreyfus to BNY Mellon.

  • There have been no changes to any of the funds’ investment objectives, processes, charges or managers on any of the affected funds.

  • Our eight investment firms, such as Insight Investment and Newton Investment Management, will continue to use their own brand in the institutional market.


  • The names of certain institutional share classes on sub-funds managed by Newton have also changed – from Exempt to Newton Institutional. We have also renamed the ‘X Shares’ in Newton managed sub-funds to ‘Newton X Shares’.

  • Copies of the updated Prospectus, Instrument of Incorporation and Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) for the Mellon Investment Fund range can be found on our website or on request.





Our Investment Firms

Through our eight distinct and forward-thinking investment firms we have expertise across every major asset class, investment style and solution type. This is backed by the strength, scale and proven financial stewardship of BNY Mellon, enabling us to deliver the best of both worlds.



We thank you for your continued relationship with us and look forward to building an even stronger partnership as, together, we navigate the journey ahead.



Please contact your BNY Mellon representative if you have a question or email us



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