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Why the industry can’t afford to greenwash ESG funds

The pandemic has raised interest in the environment and other social factors. Returns from sustainable funds in 2020 proved you don’t need to sacrifice returns to invest in doing better. But in an industry known for chasing trends, do firms run the risk of greenwashing their products and eroding investor trust?

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2 Builders with Renewable Energy

Reconstructing the post-pandemic world

With developing markets such as the US committing to major new fiscal stimulus and pledging renewed commitment to infrastructure building what does this mean for markets and investors? At a recent London conference portfolio managers from BNY Mellon Investment Management considered the likely road ahead.

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Building back better?

As US President Joe Biden signs a US$1.9trn American Covid-19 rescue plan into law, what environmental benefits can markets expect from the new US government and what is its wider strategy for a cleaner, greener future? Newton portfolio manager Paul Flood considers the likely road ahead and the prospects for renewables in both the US and other markets.

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Embracing the Blockchain revolution

The stellar rise of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has shone fresh light on the Blockchain network that underpins it. Here, Mellon portfolio manager Erik Swords looks at the latest developments and considers the wider business potential of Blockchain itself.

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Behind the curve?

What do historically low interest rates mean for bond markets and could an anticipated post-pandemic market recovery spur new inflationary pressures? Here, Newton head of fixed income Paul Brain considers the outlook for fixed income investors.

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