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Responsible investing

Responsible investing is a term embedded into the financial services industry’s psyche. But how do we talk about it? How can we communicate such a catch-all concept to our clients? We all want transparency throughout the investment journey, so what is the best way to ensure that we are incorporating ‘sustainability speak’ into the advice process?

In our next virtual training seminar we will hear from a range of advisers as they summarise some of the challenges that they face when communicating responsible investing.

To address these challenges, we will be joined by a panel of experts from across the responsible investing spectrum. 

In this 75 minute interactive seminar, you will have the opportunity to present your own challenges to the panel in a live Q&A.

Date and Time

19 May 2021, 09.00am – 10.15 am


The seminar

The seminar will be chaired by Lee Robertson, co-founder and managing director of Octo Members.  The webinar is hosted using the Bright Talk platform.

The panel of experts

Andrew Parry
Head of Sustainable Investment
Newton Investment Management

Heather Hopkins
Managing Director and Founder
Next Wealth

Phoebe Stone
Partner, Head of Sustainable Investing
LGT Vestra LLP

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