Understanding ESG:
virtual training seminar

Flows into ESG funds have grown exponentially in the past five years. Data from Morningstar shows in flows of €54.6 billion into sustainable investment options in Europe in Q2 2020.  In the UK, the data for July 2020 alone showed a net total of £1.2 billion poured into sustainable vehicles.[1]

ESG factors are now a key consideration for financial intermediaries and clients alike. To help planning conversations we have designed an educational programme to assist with the integration of ESG into the suitability processes.


Structured CPD ESG training designed to address the following learning outcomes:

  1. The ability to define and understand the various components of ESG
  2. Understanding of the various investment strategies linked to ESG
  3. Understanding of the importance of ESG
  4. Understanding the difference between active and passive ESG
  5. Understanding the difference between ESG in equity and fixed income
  6. Awareness of the Investment Association’s Responsible Investment Framework and its significance
  7. Awareness of the regulatory landscape

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The seminar

The seminar will be presented by Andrew Parry, Head of Sustainable Investment at Newton Investment Management via BrightTalk, the webinar hosting platform.


The seminar has been approved by the CPD Certification Service, UK Independent Continuing Professional Development Accreditation for Training.

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[1] Funds Europe, August 2020.