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The state of US opportunities

Why are cracks starting to appear in the US market and does it mean a recession is on its way? John Bailer, US equity income manager at Newton, argues this is why value investing is set for a resurgence.

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A return to the 70s?

Following the fastest, most aggressive rate hikes seen in a generation, Real Return manager Andy Warwick believes we’re in for a decade of price instability, heightened geopolitical risks and volatility. But investment opportunities remain.

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Market watch

In this week’s Market Watch, Shamik Dhar reviews the equity and bond markets in light of the inter-relationship of issues such as the US debt ceiling and persistent inflation.

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Risk Managed

BNY Mellon FutureLegacy 4 Fund

Objective: To achieve capital growth and potential for income over the long term (5 years or more) while being managed to a pre-defined level of risk. The Fund will aim to maintain a risk profile classification of 4 from a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) which is assessed against the risk ratings scale provided by an external third-party risk rating agency.
Benchmark: This fund is actively managed without benchmark-related constraints. The Fund uses a composite index, comprising 10% SONIA GBP, 45% BAML Global Broad Index GBP Hedged and 45% MSCI ACWI GBP NR as a point of reference (comparator) against which the ACD invites Shareholders to compare the Fund’s performance. The ACD considers the composite index to be an appropriate comparator because it includes a broad representation of the asset classes, sectors and geographical areas in which the Fund predominantly invests.