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SVB provides harsh lesson for US regulators

Newton Investment Management global financials research analyst Vivek Gautam thinks the fallout from SVB is unlikely to create global contagion, albeit creating volatility in banking stocks and raising questions around banking regulation.

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Fed action key in stemming SVB contagion

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is not expected to trigger another financial crisis, according to BNY Mellon Investment Management economists and portfolio managers. However, it may cause central banks to pause rate rises.

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Bonds making an impact

Impact bond issuance declined in 2022, according to Insight Investment. But the fixed income manager things the stage is set for a return to growth, driven by the policy push towards low-carbon energy projects.

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Investing in Innovation

Walter Scott investment managers Alex Torrens and Ashley-Jane Kyle spent nine days visiting companies in a region they call a “hotbed” of entrepreneurial endeavour. Here they highlight their research trip and what they learned.

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Are bonds good value now?

After a rough year for global bond markets – one of the worst in recent history – has value returned to the asset class? Managers across Newton and Insight along with BNY Mellon IM’s economist team outline their views.

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Back to the future

After a knock-out 12 months for equity income, the higher inflation, higher interest-rate environment heralds a return of more ‘normal’ market conditions; a focus on fundamentals is back in vogue, explains Jon Bell, portfolio manager in Newton Investment Management’s global equity income team.

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BNY Mellon FutureLegacy 4 Fund

Objective: To achieve capital growth and potential for income over the long term (5 years or more) while being managed to a pre-defined level of risk. The Fund will aim to maintain a risk profile classification of 4 from a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) which is assessed against the risk ratings scale provided by an external third-party risk rating agency.
Benchmark: This fund is actively managed without benchmark-related constraints. The Fund uses a composite index, comprising 10% SONIA GBP, 45% BAML Global Broad Index GBP Hedged and 45% MSCI ACWI GBP NR as a point of reference (comparator) against which the ACD invites Shareholders to compare the Fund’s performance. The ACD considers the composite index to be an appropriate comparator because it includes a broad representation of the asset classes, sectors and geographical areas in which the Fund predominantly invests.