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The BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Equity Income Fund is a global Fund which aims to generate stable returns by harnessing equity income from companies with sustainable business models, using a disciplined, repeatable process. Here, Newton Investment Management portfolio manager Jon Bell outlines the approach adopted by the Fund.

The Fund aims to invest in well-run business that both have durable financial and competitive positions and manage positively the material impacts of their operations and products on the environment and society. It seeks to avoid companies that are involved in market failures. Market failures include harmful monopolies, negative environmental externalities, and demerit goods (goods or services that can have a negative impact on society).

The value of investments can fall. Investors may not get back the amount invested. Income from investments may vary and is not guaranteed.

Investment objective and benchmark:

Objective: To achieve income together with the potential for capital growth over the long term (5 years or more).

Benchmark: The Fund will measure its performance against the FTSE World TR Index as a comparator benchmark (the “Benchmark”). The Fund will use the Benchmark as an appropriate comparator because the Investment Manager utilises this when measuring the Fund’s income yield. The Fund is actively managed, which means the Investment Manager has absolute discretion to invest outside the Benchmark subject to the investment objective and policies disclosed in the Prospectus. While the Fund’s holdings may include constituents of the Benchmark, the investment weightings in the portfolio are not influenced by the Benchmark. The investment strategy does not restrict the extent to which the Investment Manager may deviate from the Benchmark.

1059400 Exp: 21 September 2022

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