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Investing in 2021: smaller, faster, cheaper?

10 Apr 2019, BNY Mellon

What will the world look like in 24 months? In this special report, 52 analysts from three BNY Mellon boutiques were asked what they thought would happen to their sectors

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Why innovation matters to investors – Mellon

9 Apr 2019, mellon

Mellon1 Head of Investment Strategy Sinead Colton discusses her view on the likely changes in investing in the coming months.  

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Disruption here to stay – Newton CIO

9 Apr 2019, Newton

Newton CIO Curt Custard highlights a new world of investing and why stock pickers will need to adapt.

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Fixed income drives new ESG focus

9 Apr 2019, Paul Brain

Considering ESG issues in a bond context is a growing area of interest from investors, who are currently contending with a market that looks uncertain and increasingly volatile, say Newton2

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Insight: the shrinking world of high yield

9 Apr 2019, April LaRusse

Complex systems such as bond markets and the weather are inherently difficult to understand and forecast. April LaRusse describes Insight Investment’s approach to weathering the storms that may lie ahead.

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Investing on the edge but avoiding the buzz

9 Apr 2019, Nick Clay

Edge computing3 has the potential to transform the world but investors need to keep their feet on the ground, says Nick Clay, manager of Newton’s4 global equity income strategy.  

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Investing on the edge but avoiding the buzz

9 Apr 2019, Nick Clay

Edge computing5 has the potential to transform the world but investors need to keep their feet on the ground, says Nick Clay, manager of Newton’s global equity income strategy.  

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Tech: Opportunities in a greying world

9 Apr 2019, mellon

Technological innovation and shifting infrastructure needs look set to drive a revolution in healthcare for a generation of retirees, potentially creating huge investment opportunities, says Mellon6 portfolio manager Jim Lydotes.

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Winners and losers in climate change

3 Apr 2019, Paul Flood

Greater risk could mean greater opportunity for investors, argues Newton multi-asset fund manager Paul Flood.

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Fears on inflation and China could be overblown

28 Mar 2019, Aron Pataki

Inflationary pressures and fears of a Chinese economic slowdown could represent less potent market threats than some analysts have predicted, with quantitative tightening presenting a more specific pressure on risk

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Clay: Why H&M is one of my high street heroes

27 Mar 2019, Nick Clay

Newton’s Nick Clay were the darlings of the most recent tech bubble. Until they weren’t. Here, Nick Clay, Newton’s has held Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) for several years, a company whose

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Newton's Waistell on why now is a good time to invest in EM

21 Mar 2019, Naomi Waistell

After a challenging 2018 for EM, Naomi Waistell looks ahead to the rest of 2019 and why the 10 key reasons she believes make EM a compelling investment.

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Using alternatives as a portfolio diversifier

21 Mar 2019, Paul Flood

Newton’s Paul Flood looks at how alternative assets, such as renewables, infrastructure, aviation and property can be used as portfolio diversifiers in the multi-asset space.

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The joy of avoiding the herd

12 Mar 2019, Nick Clay

FANGs and BATs7 were the darlings of the most recent tech bubble. Until they weren’t. Here, Nick Clay, Newton’s Global Equity Income manager, explains how he steered clear of the

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The long road to investing in quality

12 Mar 2019, BNY Mellon

As the current market cycle perhaps draws to a close, two of the investment boutiques at BNY Mellon Investment Management try to avoid such ‘blanket’ shifts in approach, preferring to

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Special Report: Fixed Income

1 Mar 2019, BNY Mellon

After a challenging year for many fixed income investors, markets are hoping 2019 can deliver some respite for those able to navigate shifting credit cycle dynamics, mercurial investor sentiments, divergent

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Markets weigh Venezuela turmoil impacts

27 Feb 2019, Newton

As Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó both stake their claim to the contested national presidency a deepening political crisis could hold major implications for global markets.

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China - brighter than it looks

14 Feb 2019, Rob Marshall-Lee

Over the past 12 months we have witnessed a huge amount of market fear over China. However, when considering the 2018 performance of China’s equity market, it is worth bearing

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Overcoming techno fear in fixed income markets

30 Jan 2019, April LaRusse

Investors should guard against irrational fear of developing technologies such as artificial intelligence and consider their potential relevance to a changing fixed income market landscape, according to Insight Investment8 fixed

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Meet the Manager: Nick Clay

23 Jan 2019, Nick Clay

Nick Clay has been a member of the global equity team at Newton since 2012. Find out a bit more about Nick’s perspective on investing.

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Newton’s Global Real Return: A time to shine?

23 Jan 2019, Newton

Braced for greater uncertainty and heightened volatility in 2019, Newton’s Real Return team is poised to adapt to whatever conditions lie ahead.

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An introduction to infrastructure

22 Jan 2019, Jim Lydotes

Jim Lydotes, lead portfolio manager for Global Infrastructure, gives a short update on the strategy and the new ways of investing in infrastructure.   

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Newton's Clay on looking ahead in 2019

11 Jan 2019, Nick Clay

Nick Clay gives a short summary of 2018, looking ahead in 2019 and what is required to navigate the peaks and troughs of the market.

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Markets 2019: Shifting sands

18 Dec 2018

Inflation, trade wars and euro debt are among the potential headwinds for the world's economy in 2019, but that doesn't mean the overall global picture is necessarily a negative one. Read

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Which countries are moving forward on ESG and which are falling behind?

18 Dec 2018, Insight

A new risk model from Insight tracks the momentum of sovereign issuers based on their environmental, social and governance credentials.

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Will the US decouple alone?

29 Nov 2018, Newton

As the dominant player on the world stage, the US looks to have no one else its own size to play with. But that doesn’t mean it should pick up

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Global Income Sales Aid

2 Nov 2018, oliviabeach

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Real Return: Q2 update

19 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

An introduction to new fund manager Andy Warwick and an update on performance and positioning to Q2 and beyond.  

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Education. Artificial Intelligence: The shape of things to come?

9 Sep 2018, Caroline Keen

Once viewed as little more than science-fiction fantasy, artificial intelligence (AI) now holds the potential to reshape the relationship between humans and machines and drive a new wave of economic

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Education. The dis-intermediators

8 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

From a distance, fintech (financial technology) might seem like just another buzzword – but look closer and it has the potential to change every banking transaction on the planet, says

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Podcast: Genomics, retirement and quahog clams

18 Jun 2018, Paul Flood

With healthcare advancements targeting prolonged lifespans and potentially a healthier old age, we may need to rethink the way we have traditionally invested for retirement and how long our income

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Podcast: Rebels with a cause

18 Jun 2018, Standish

Despite the US withdrawl from the Paris Accord,  individual US states remain committed to its climate change initatives and resulting infrastructure spend. Dan Rabasco at Standish10 a part of BNY Mellon

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Podcast: Is a Jetson's-type future ahead of us?

11 Jun 2018, Jim Lydotes

What is the future for developed cities as re-urbanisation stretches resources and infrastructure needs? Jim Lydotes, portfolio manager at The Boston Company, part of BNY Mellon Asset Management North America

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Podcast: Having your avocado and eating it: How millennial choices will change the world

11 Jun 2018, Chris Kelly

Millennials now form the largest generational cohort. From housing to technology, retail to travel their choices and spending patterns will have a profound impact on investing for decades to come

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Podcast: Tough gig? The world of work in the digital age

11 Jun 2018, Paul Brain

The gig economy is epitomised by companies such as Uber and Deliveroo, which enable piecemeal work fed through to workers via an app. Are they also responsible for structurally lower

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Podcast: The upside of ageing: Japan's connectivity challenge

11 Jun 2018, Miyuki Kashima

An ageing population, a low crime rate and an openness to new technology make Japan the perfect incubator for the next wave of connectivity says BNY Mellon's13 Miyuki Kashima.  

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Podcast: Deconstructing the bitcoin boom

11 Jun 2018, Aron Pataki

The meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has polarised debate within the financial community between those who welcome its innovation and those who fear its success. In this podcast, Newton

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Our commitment to data privacy – the General Data Protection Regulation

18 May 2018, BNY Mellon

You may be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR“) comes into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR introduces additional obligations designed to enhance data protection

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