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The lessons Argentina could teach Turkey

17 Dec 2018, Sophia Whitbread

As recent laggards in the GEM space, Turkey and Argentina share common ground, but their differences tell a bigger story, says Newton’s Sophia Whitbread.

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Webinar: Using alternatives as a source of diversification

30 Nov 2018, Paul Flood

Paul Flood looks at the diversification benefits offered by alternative assets, as well as providing a summary of 2018 and an outlook for 2019.  

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Will the US decouple alone?

29 Nov 2018, Newton

As the dominant player on the world stage, the US looks to have no one else its own size to play with. But that doesn’t mean it should pick up

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Global Income: The power of process

20 Nov 2018, Nick Clay

As one of the oldest strategies in the IA Global Equity Income sector, Newton’s global income team has learnt many lessons along the way. But on three things, the team

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Newton's Clay on the virtues of patience

9 Nov 2018, Nick Clay

It's not always easy going against the herd. Patience is a virtue but it takes a clear head and firm process not to come unstuck. Nick Clay, head of Newton's

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Report: making the case for infrastructure investing

8 Nov 2018, The Boston Company

Global infrastructure forms one of the basic foundations of modern society. From highways to hospitals and water supply to waste management, solid, well built and maintained infrastructure is critical in

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A country divided? US splits power in mid-terms

6 Nov 2018, BNY Mellon

The US mid-term elections saw the US Democratic Party regain control of the House of Representatives but fail to win the Senate in moves some analysts fear could create legislative

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Infographic: The Global Equity vs. Global Equity Income story

2 Nov 2018, Nick Clay

We are currently experiencing the longest running bull market driven by growth stocks. How can a global equity income fund benefit in these conditions?

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Global Income Sales Aid

2 Nov 2018, oliviabeach

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Muni bond sector mulls US Supreme Court rulings

30 Oct 2018, Standish

Two recent US Supreme Court decisions could have significant long term implications for the American municipal credit market. Here the Standish1 municipal bond team considers the rulings and their likely

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Infographic: In equity markets, the descent can be more hazardous than the ascent

24 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

Is it best to keep chasing momentum and growth or to hunker down and invest in companies with more defensive qualities? Nick Clay explains.

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Webinar: The EM Dilemma: a time to buy?

24 Oct 2018, Newton

A spike in volatility coupled with idiosyncratic risks in countries across the developing world has made for tough times for emerging market investors in recent months. The team from Newton’s

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Webinar: Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution

24 Oct 2018, Walter Scott

Walter Scott provide an update on their research into Industry 4.0 and how this influences their Long Term Global Equity and Global Leaders strategies.

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FANGs and BATs: Heeding the warnings from 1999

18 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

They say that markets are either driven by fear or greed. The dotcom boom of 1999 – and subsequent bust – were powered by widespread greed, with expectations based on

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Why Newton spies an entry point for GEM stocks

18 Oct 2018, Newton

Timing the market is rightly considered a fool’s game, yet direction of travel in currencies and markets present a sensible entry point not seen in years, says Newton’s2 Global Emerging

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Newton Global Income Fund - Unleashing the power of dividends

11 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

The Newton Global Income Fund seeks to generate capital growth, as well as a sustainable and attractive income, over the long-term through a committed, differentiated and diversified portfolio.

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Are EM risk fears masking market strengths?

5 Oct 2018, Colm McDonagh

Fears over rising geopolitical risk and wider governance issues in emerging markets risk overshadowing potentially strong opportunities in EM fixed income, says Insight Investment head of emerging market fixed income,

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Escalate… retaliate… repeat

5 Oct 2018, Standish

Here, Aninda Mitra, senior sovereign analyst, BNY Mellon Investment Management, asks the question: who wins in a US/China trade war?

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US decoupling: Built to last?

5 Oct 2018, Newton

Newton Investment Management global strategist Brendan Mulhern considers the current twin track trajectory of global growth. Can the US continue to soar? Will Europe and Asia fall further behind?

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Mobility innovation report: key developments across the investment landscape

5 Oct 2018, The Boston Company

Exciting scientific advances in areas such as cellular technology, rechargeable power systems and autonomous vehicles look set to reshape the structure and planning of our towns and cities and make

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Back in vogue: the return of income strategies

5 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

After three tough years in which momentum and growth strategies have fared best, income is due a comeback, says Newton’s Nick Clay.  

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Webinar: Newton UK Income Fund Update

2 Oct 2018, Emma Mogford

Emma Mogford, portfolio manager of the Newton UK Income Fund, gives a 15 minute update on the Fund and current market conditions.

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Nick Clay: Navigating market bias in volatile markets

23 Sep 2018, Nick Clay

Navigating market bias and consistently sticking to proven investment processes can help investors survive the peaks and troughs of heightened risk in volatile markets, says Newton Investment Management Global Equity

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Real Return: Q2 update

19 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

An introduction to new fund manager Andy Warwick and an update on performance and positioning to Q2 and beyond.  

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Safer, cleaner, more autonomous: how mobility innovation will reshape our future

18 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

Mobility innovation, the disruptive, transformational shift in how we use, power and control all means of mobility, holds the potential to transform connectivity and transport. The Boston Company3 believes a

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Infographic: Electric vehicles - the niche investment hitting the mainstream

12 Sep 2018, Naomi Waistell

We stand on the cusp of a global electric vehicle (EV) revolution, Newton’s Naomi Waistell looks at what this means for some of the myths around the future of EV’s

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Education. Artificial Intelligence: The shape of things to come?

9 Sep 2018, Caroline Keen

Once viewed as little more than science-fiction fantasy, artificial intelligence (AI) now holds the potential to reshape the relationship between humans and machines and drive a new wave of economic

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Education. The dis-intermediators

8 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

From a distance, fintech (financial technology) might seem like just another buzzword – but look closer and it has the potential to change every banking transaction on the planet, says

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Special Report: The ESG Landscape

5 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

As environmental, social and governance considerations become ever more prominent, experts from BNY Mellon consider the implications for investors.

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Infographic: Have we returned to '99?

2 Aug 2018, Nick Clay

The last tech bubble came at the close of the millennium. Is this tech sector still dominating two decades on and will it continue?

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Podcast: Genomics, retirement and quahog clams

18 Jun 2018, Paul Flood

With healthcare advancements targeting prolonged lifespans and potentially a healthier old age, we may need to rethink the way we have traditionally invested for retirement and how long our income

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Podcast: Rebels with a cause

18 Jun 2018, Standish

Despite the US withdrawl from the Paris Accord,  individual US states remain committed to its climate change initatives and resulting infrastructure spend. Dan Rabasco at Standish5 a part of BNY Mellon

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Podcast: Is a Jetson's-type future ahead of us?

11 Jun 2018, Jim Lydotes

What is the future for developed cities as re-urbanisation stretches resources and infrastructure needs? Jim Lydotes, portfolio manager at The Boston Company, part of BNY Mellon Asset Management North America

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Podcast: Having your avocado and eating it: How millennial choices will change the world

11 Jun 2018, Chris Kelly

Millennials now form the largest generational cohort. From housing to technology, retail to travel their choices and spending patterns will have a profound impact on investing for decades to come

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Podcast: Tough gig? The world of work in the digital age

11 Jun 2018, Paul Brain

The gig economy is epitomised by companies such as Uber and Deliveroo, which enable piecemeal work fed through to workers via an app. Are they also responsible for structurally lower

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Podcast: The upside of ageing: Japan's connectivity challenge

11 Jun 2018, Miyuki Kashima

An ageing population, a low crime rate and an openness to new technology make Japan the perfect incubator for the next wave of connectivity says BNY Mellon's8 Miyuki Kashima.  

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Podcast: Deconstructing the bitcoin boom

11 Jun 2018, Aron Pataki

The meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has polarised debate within the financial community between those who welcome its innovation and those who fear its success. In this podcast, Newton

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Our commitment to data privacy – the General Data Protection Regulation

18 May 2018, BNY Mellon

You may be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR“) comes into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR introduces additional obligations designed to enhance data protection

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Have you missed the emerging markets surge (again)?

13 Dec 2017, BNY Mellon

Emerging market leaders from BNY Mellon boutiques Insight and Newton address the strong performance in EM equities and bonds so far this year and ask whether it can continue.

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Dispelling the emerging market default myth

27 Oct 2017, Rodica Glavan

Emerging market debt issuers are often assumed to be inherently less creditworthy than their developed market  counterparts. But the reality tells a different story, says Rodica Glavan EMD portfolio manager

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