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Global Income: The power of process

20 Nov 2018, Nick Clay

As one of the oldest strategies in the IA Global Equity Income sector, Newton’s global income team has learnt many lessons along the way. But on three things, the team

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Report: making the case for infrastructure investing

8 Nov 2018, The Boston Company

Global infrastructure forms one of the basic foundations of modern society. From highways to hospitals and water supply to waste management, solid, well built and maintained infrastructure is critical in

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Infographic: The Global Equity vs. Global Equity Income story

2 Nov 2018, Nick Clay

We are currently experiencing the longest running bull market driven by growth stocks. How can a global equity income fund benefit in these conditions?

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Infographic: In equity markets, the descent can be more hazardous than the ascent

24 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

Is it best to keep chasing momentum and growth or to hunker down and invest in companies with more defensive qualities? Nick Clay explains.

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FANGs and BATs: Heeding the warnings from 1999

18 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

They say that markets are either driven by fear or greed. The dotcom boom of 1999 – and subsequent bust – were powered by widespread greed, with expectations based on

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Mobility innovation report: key developments across the investment landscape

5 Oct 2018, The Boston Company

Exciting scientific advances in areas such as cellular technology, rechargeable power systems and autonomous vehicles look set to reshape the structure and planning of our towns and cities and make

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Back in vogue: the return of income strategies

5 Oct 2018, Nick Clay

After three tough years in which momentum and growth strategies have fared best, income is due a comeback, says Newton’s Nick Clay.  

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Webinar: Newton UK Income Fund Update

2 Oct 2018, Emma Mogford

Emma Mogford, portfolio manager of the Newton UK Income Fund, gives a 15 minute update on the Fund and current market conditions.

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Real Return: Q2 update

19 Sep 2018, BNY Mellon

An introduction to new fund manager Andy Warwick and an update on performance and positioning to Q2 and beyond.  

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