Special Report: Fixed Income

Special Report: Fixed Income

After a challenging year for many fixed income investors, markets are hoping 2019 can deliver some respite for those able to navigate shifting credit cycle dynamics, mercurial investor sentiments, divergent central bank monetary policy and increased volatility.


  • Altered states
    BNY Mellon investment boutiques Newton Investment Management, Insight Investment, Alcentra and Mellon outline the backdrop for fixed income markets in 2019.
  • Light and shade
    BNY Mellon investment boutique portfolio managers and analysts present their views on a range of fixed income asset classes, highlighting the potential risks and opportunities investors face in the months ahead.
  • A turning tide
    A new report from Insight Investment aims to raise awareness of the
    ESG risks to sovereign bonds, ranking countries on their adherence
    and commitment to ESG principles.
  • The long and short
    In shifting fixed income markets, Insight Investment senior portfolio manager Ulrich Gerhard describes why he welcomes wider lending opportunity in the short-dated high yield market.
  • A Chinese puzzle
    Mellon senior sovereign analyst Aninda Mitra assesses the prospects for Sino-US trade relations and the wider Chinese economy in the months ahead.
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Mellon was formed on 31 January 2018, through the merger of The Boston Company and Standish into Mellon Capital. Effective 2 January 2019, the combined firm was renamed Mellon Investments Corporation.

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