Drawdown options

Welcome to Drawdown options brought to you by BNY Mellon and Hymans Robertson, one of the UK’s leading investment consultants, which aims to assist financial intermediaries in exploring drawdown options for their clients in planning for life after work.

Drawdown Dynamics considers the size of a client’s pension pot alongside longevity data to assess the likelihood of meeting their retirement objectives, illustrated using five of BNY Mellon’s DT risk mapped* Funds which cater for different attitudes for risk.

Drawdown Dynamics is intended to provide an illustration of how BNY Mellon’s range of DT risk-rated funds could be utilised as part of an overall drawdown solution you may seek to develop on behalf of your clients. The projections are based on simulated fund returns and economic variables integrated within the Economic Scenario Generator (‘ESG’) developed by Hymans Robertson and are not intended to constitute regulated investment advice. Neither BNY Mellon nor Hymans Robertson have assessed whether a particular fund or drawdown option may be suitable for a client’s specific investment objectives and needs and the financial intermediary retains responsibility for this assessment. Refer to the Assumptions tab for further information on the ESG.

To start using Drawdown Dynamics, please enter your clients’ lifestyle and drawdown details below:

*for current risk profiling, please refer to the Fund Factsheet.

Important Information

Drawdown Dynamics is provided exclusively for use by financial intermediaries (each an “End User”) acting on behalf of clients resident in the United Kingdom. By accessing Drawdown Dynamics, the End User agrees that the following restrictions apply to the Tool:

(a) Drawdown Dynamics must not be used as the sole method of assessing sustainability of income;
(b) the End User must not show Drawdown Dynamics to its client(s);
(c) Drawdown Dynamics may not take into account every fact and circumstance that is relevant to the portfolio under analysis;
(d) the final investment decision on the appropriate income to use is the End User’s alone;
(e) Drawdown Dynamics must only be used in relation to UK income projection in respect of UK residents;
(f) the End User is responsible for ensuring that all data inputs to Drawdown Dynamics are accurate and the End User agrees that neither BNY Mellon nor Hymans Robertson will be responsible for any errors relating to the use of such data.

The Funds are sub-funds of BNY Mellon Investments Funds (BNYMIF), an open-ended investment company with variable capital (ICVC) with limited liability between sub-funds. Incorporated in England and Wales: registered number IC27. The Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) is BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited (BNY MFM), incorporated in England and Wales: No. 1998251. Registered address: BNY Mellon Centre, 160 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4LA. Authorised and regulated
by the Financial Conduct Authority. Investors should refer to the most recent Prospectus, financial report and Key Investor
Information Document (KIID).

Projections are based on simulated fund returns based on [W] share class calculated as total return, including reinvested income net of UK tax and charges. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated returns do not reflect the impact that material unexpected economic and/or market events might have. Simulated returns are not a reliable indicator of future investment performance and may not be representative of actual investment returns or associated costs and charges of the relevant product or service. Performance calculations do not take into account personal tax circumstances or liabilities.

The value of investments can fall. Investors may not get back the amount invested. Income from investments may vary and is not guarantee