The income conundrum

While companies around the world cut, suspend and/or defer dividends, Newton’s head of equity income, Ilga Haubelt remains confident about income investing. Here, she and BNY Mellon Investment Management chief economist Shamik Dhar discuss their thoughts on dividend cuts and what implications it could have for the future.

Walter Scott holds firm in the teeth of the Covid storm

As March’s stock-market slump gave way to a robust second-quarter recovery, Walter Scott’s¹ Long Term Global Equity team held steady with no major changes to its portfolio. The Long Term Global Equity Strategy has come through the crisis in good shape, and the team believes that its long-term focus stands to benefit in the months and years ahead.

Risk appetite returns to buoy fixed income markets

Increased investor risk appetite and easing volatility have helped the performance of high yield and other risk assets buoy the BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond Fund as its team seeks to maintain balance in the portfolio.

Creating suitably sustainable investing

Cutting through the ESG hype and jargon

Vantage Point: Alphabet Soup

In its Q3 outlook, the Global Economics and Investment Analysis team consider the devastation wrought on the global economy and visualise at the alphabet soup of various recovery scenarios.

What should we expect for H2 2020?

Suzanne Hutchins, portfolio manager of the BNY Mellon Real Return strategy, outlines the team’s market expectations for the second half of the year and beyond.

Why is the Fed still negative on negative interest rates?

financial graphs on the screen

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) both have negative rates. So why hasn’t the Federal Reserve (the Fed) followed suit? At a time when Covid-19 has brought world economies to a halt—and top government officials even argue in favor of negative interest rates —this is the question.

Covid-19: A fund manager’s diary


Before the momentous events of Q1 and Q2, few investors were prepared for a pandemic that derailed global growth. Here, Walter Scott fund manager Murdo Maclean provides his account of how events unfolded and what steps his team took to safeguard their holdings.

Investing in a post-Covid-19 world


Earlier this month, BNY Mellon Investment Management’s chief economist Shamik Dhar spoke with Newton Real Return investment leader Suzanne Hutchins to get her take on central banks’ responses to the Covid-19 crisis and how investors can best navigate towards a post-pandemic world.

Fixed income investors weigh shifting default picture

geometric shape

Indiscriminate market sell-offs and bouts of volatility have hit credit investors across many fixed income sectors in 2020 but, as markets settle, just what lies ahead for bond markets? Here, Newton head of fixed income Paul Brain takes stock of the evolving credit outlook.