Strengthening our specialist
investment capabilities

BNY Mellon Investment Management is enhancing and differentiating the specialist investment capabilities of Insight, Mellon, Newton & Dreyfus Cash Investment Strategies.

In partnership with our investment firms, we are taking steps to strengthen our global research and asset class capabilities.  As such we intend to:

  • Transition Mellon Investments Corporation (Mellon)’s fixed income[1] capability to Insight Investment (Insight).

  • Combine Mellon’s equity[2] and multi-asset[2] capabilities with Newton Investment Management (Newton). In addition, the Japanese equity capabilities from BNY Mellon Investment Management Japan (BNY Mellon IMJ) will also be combined with Newton.

  • Integrate Mellon’s cash expertise[3] with Dreyfus Cash Investment Strategies (Dreyfus CIS).

  • Mellon will remain as a standalone investment firm within BNY Mellon IM, focused on equity and fixed income index management[4].

We will not be making any portfolio manager changes to our Mellon, Insight, Newton or BNY Mellon IMJ-managed funds during the six-month transition period. Neither do we have any plans at this time to merge or rationalise any of the funds in our UK-domiciled funds range, BNY Mellon Investment Funds, or our Dublin-domiciled UCITS umbrella, BNY Mellon Global Funds plc, as a result of these changes.

This realignment was driven by what we see as the rapidly changing needs of clients in the face of a dynamic investment environment. We believe clients will benefit from investment firms with deep specialist capabilities across the asset class spectrum. This increased specialist focus is designed to help drive investment performance as well as product innovation to meet our clients’ needs today and in the future.

This plan will not involve any other of the BNY Mellon IM investment firms: Alcentra, Walter Scott, ARX and associated firm Siguler Guff. Each of these offers their own specialised value propositions and we believe these complement the capabilities from Insight, Newton, Mellon and Dreyfus CIS.

Subject to regulatory approvals, we expect this transition will take six months; longer in the case of BNY Mellon IMJ.

[1] An investment asset class formed with the debt of companies and governments; also known as bonds.

[2] Equities are shares in companies; multi-asset are investments that include equities, bonds (see above for definition) and alternatives such as infrastructure or property.

[3] There are some funds that use cash and cash-like instruments as investments

[4] Index investing, also known as passive or tracking; its intent is to mirror the returns of a specified index by replicating its composition.

Transitioning our capabilities in fixed income, equities, multi-asset & liquidity management

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