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Politics in US budget negotiations

25 Sep 2017, BNY Mellon

The US Republican Party looks set to agree a fresh budget after brokering a short-term increase in the debt ceiling1, though political disagreement means a federal government shutdown remains a

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Pressing on

1 Aug 2017, BNY Mellon

Many publishers are struggling to cope in the digital world but a few have managed to buck the trend. How do professional investors such as fund managers determine the winners

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New generation: harnessing natural power

1 Aug 2017, Paul Flood

As long as the sun comes up every day, you’re going to sell power for something,” says Paul Flood, a fund manager and strategist at Newton, on why he believes

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Emerging Markets- New horizons

1 Aug 2017, BNY Mellon

It can be tempting to stick close to home when it comes to investing but with Brexit negotiations ramping up there could be increasing turbulence in UK and European shares.

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Artificial Intelligence- The shape of things to come?

17 Jul 2017, Caroline Keen

Once viewed as little more than science-fiction fantasy, artificial intelligence (AI) now holds the potential to reshape the relationship between humans and machines and drive a new wave of economic

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