Future2024: Is your asset allocation

AI and climate change: a future challenge?

We live in an age of extraordinary change. In this report we have zeroed in on two large secular ‘supertanker’ trends already affecting investors: artificial intelligence (AI) and climate change.

The former has the potential to redefine all aspects of our lives. From the algorithms dictating our social reactions online, to self-driving cars; from automation in our workplaces, to the blurring of traditional industry sector boundaries – the current status quo looks set to be swept away by advances in computing.

As with AI, so with climate change. Rising global temperatures are already disrupting long-established weather patterns. In response, as global consensus solidifies around the anthropomorphic origins of this change, ever more people and organisations around the world are seeing the need to reduce their carbon footprints.

In the face of this change, this report authored by CREATE-Research in conjunction with BNY Mellon Investment Management, shines a light into the coming maelstrom and asks: are your asset allocations future-proof?

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