Vantage Point: Confronting the Bear

Welcome to the latest edition of Vantage Point. The past three months have seen a dramatic selloff of risky assets, driven largely by a recalibration of expectations of where global interest rates might be headed. Overall, the situation is not unlike the ‘overheating’ scenarios we described in several Vantage Points last year.


Vantage Point - War Footing

The war in the Ukraine is primarily a human and humanitarian tragedy. But coming hard on the heels of a global pandemic, it will challenge an already fragile world economy in ways that are hard to predict. In this edition of Vantage Point we cover four possible economic scenarios that we feel are the most likely and plausible going forward.


Macro zeitgeist

In this round-up, BNY Mellon’s Global Economics and Investment Analysis team offer a view on the future direction of the global economy with some of the key charts that underpin their thinking.