COVID-19 latest news

Can economies handle a second wave of Covid-19?

Countries all over the world are easing out of lockdown in the search for a ‘new’ normal. But could we be on the brink of another Covid-19 hit? Newton chief investment officer Curt Custard gives his take on how investors might prepare for a second round of the virus.


The income conundrum

While companies around the world cut, suspend and/or defer dividends, Newton’s head of equity income, Ilga Haubelt remains confident about income investing. Here, she and BNY Mellon Investment Management chief economist Shamik Dhar discuss their thoughts on dividend cuts and what implications it could have for the future.


Vantage Point: Alphabet Soup

In its Q3 outlook, the Global Economics and Investment Analysis team consider the devastation wrought on the global economy and visualise at the alphabet soup of various recovery scenarios.

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What policy space is left to sustain economic recovery?

With the magnitude of policy loosening adopted to counter the fallout from Covid-19, many are wondering what economic policy options are left, both if further stimulus were to be required in the near future – and to advance those medium term goals that were high on the policy agenda prior to Covid-19.

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Could the Covid-19 crisis boost sustainable investment?

Could the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic herald a sea change in how we manage our economy and help drive a more sustainable future? Here, Insight Investment comments on some of the latest steps towards sustainable recovery and investment potential ahead.


Investing in a post-Covid-19 world

Earlier this month, BNY Mellon Investment Management’s chief economist Shamik Dhar spoke with Newton Real Return investment leader Suzanne Hutchins to get her take on central banks’ responses to the Covid-19 crisis and how investors can best navigate towards a post-pandemic world.


Points of view

For a two-week period in mid March 2020, funding markets experienced severe turbulence, with spillovers affecting many corners of the financial system. We provide an overview of the current situation in funding markets and discuss the main drivers behind the stress seen in March, the impact of policy interventions and vulnerabilities going forward.


Building the way to recovery

Infrastructure is being affected by the fall-out from global lockdowns and travel bans. But new challenges also bring opportunity, according to Mellon’s infrastructure manager, Jim Lydotes.

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Fallen Angels: A window for forward-looking investors

Today’s economic environment has prompted credit rating agencies to downgrade a substantial amount of debt from companies. However, with the right fundamentals, some bonds may offer compelling valuation opportunities, according to Paul Benson, head of fixed income efficient beta at Mellon.

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Step by step

As major equity and fixed income markets reel from ongoing volatility and gloomy economic news, Newton portfolio manager Carl Shepherd, Insight head of fixed income Colm McDonagh and Mellon senior portfolio manager Josephine Shea consider how emerging markets are faring and what fixed income potential they might hold.


Investing in sustainability: the power of ESG

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a worrying time for companies and investors globally, but has also put a spotlight on the importance of ESG needs and responsible investing. With ESG getting more attention now than ever before, Newton’s Andrew Parry discusses how companies’ reputations can be affected by how seriously they take this form of investing.

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What today’s consumer behaviour tells us about tomorrow

Since Covid-19 abruptly appeared and changed the lives of many, government-mandated lockdowns have forced a large portion of the global population to stay indoors. Although certain technologies have seen an uptick in demand due to stay-at-home orders, will these behaviours persist when things return to normal?

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Five past bear markets and what they taught us

David Leduc (DL), head of fixed income at Mellon, and George Saffaye (GS), global investment strategist at Mellon, dissect five past bear markets (20% peak-to-trough) and reveal what they think the biggest takeaways were for investors.