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Analysis of a bear market – what’s next?

While the worst may have passed, incoming economic data will likely continue to be subdued and the path to a sharp global growth recovery, while possible, remains unclear. BNY Mellon Investment Management’s Global Economic and Investment Analysis team analyses sector and asset class returns post-25% drops in the SandP 500.


Investing in sustainability: the power of ESG

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a worrying time for companies and investors globally, but has also put a spotlight on the importance of ESG needs and responsible investing. With ESG getting more attention now than ever before, Newton’s Andrew Parry discusses how companies’ reputations can be affected by how seriously they take this form of investing.

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Wary investors weigh looming market headwinds

As volatility rips through markets battered by recent economic shocks, just how bad could conditions get and how can investors best gauge the timing and direction of their own market moves? Newton global strategist and member of the Real Return team, Brendan Mulhern, reflects on recent events and what might come next.


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