Discover the BNY Mellon Global Infrastructure Income Fund

The BNY Mellon Global Infrastructure Income Fund aims to maximise total returns from income and capital growth by gaining exposure to companies located worldwide that are engaged in infrastructure and related operations.

The Fund will measure its performance against the S&P Global Infrastructure NR Index as a comparator benchmark (the “Benchmark”).

The Fund is actively managed, which means the Investment Manager has absolute discretion to invest outside the Benchmark subject to the investment objective and policies disclosed in the Prospectus. However, as the Benchmark covers a significant proportion of the investable universe, the majority of the Fund’s holdings will be constituents of the Benchmark but the weightings in the portfolio are not influenced by those of the Benchmark. The investment strategy does not restrict the extent to which the Investment Manager may deviate from the Benchmark.

The value of investments can fall. Investors may not get back the amount invested. Income from investments may vary and is not guaranteed.

$12+ billion in

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

Why invest?

  • A concentrated global equity fund that thoughtfully blends stable cash flow and asset growth characteristics
  • Large investable universe incorporating a diverse opportunity set by geography and industry
  • Exposure to inflation-linked and government-backed revenue streams-backed revenue streams

Access to a diverse opportunity set

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~500 names

“Nontraditional” infrastructure includes wider socioeconomic and environmental needs and benefits
Examples: Communications, Broadband / Connectivity, Hospitals, Elder Care

~75 names
*“Traditional” infrastructure is
primarily economic-related

Risk integrated process

Infrastucture Screen

Proprietary Fundamental Infrastructure Screen: The 2,500 stocks universe is narrowed to 500 "Infrastructure" stocks

Alpha Model

A multi-factor alpha model takes the 500 "Infrastructure": stocks, identifies and ranks the 100 most attractive


Integrated Risk Investment System The 100 most attractively ranked stocks are weighed alongside the current poftfolio to establish approximately 50 stocks of consideration (30 Holdings + 20 Candidates)


The bulk of the team’s work is on robust fundamental analysis, including an assessment on sustainability factors, weighting the current holdings vs. candidate stocks


A differentiated, risk controlled, high conviction portfolio of infrastructure equities


Back to the future

After a knock-out 12 months for equity income, the higher inflation, higher interest-rate environment heralds a return of more ‘normal’ market conditions; a focus on fundamentals is back in vogue, explains Jon Bell, portfolio manager in Newton Investment Management’s global equity income team.

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Resilient sectors in a volatile economy

BNY Mellon US income manager John Bailer outlines some of the sectors he thinks are less prone to the whims of the ever-changing global economy.


Challenge and Opportunities in Global Equity Income Investing

Jim Lydotes, the deputy CIO of Equities and the head of the income team at Newton Investment management assesses the outlook for equity income investing globally.


$12+ billion in

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

100+ clients worldwide

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