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gold coins

Shifting markets place spotlight on gold

While gold has long enjoyed a special status for its beauty and intrinsic value it also continues to attract a range of investors interested in its diversification potential. With the gold price rising and falling amid wider market volatility, Newton portfolio manager Suzanne Hutchins considers both the enduring appeal of gold investment and potential risks it may carry.

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Banking blues

“While banks are vital cogs in the functioning of an economy, the sector can be a fallow hunting ground for the stock-picker seeking sustainable long-term returns,” says Walter Scott’s Roy Leckie on why banks currently play no significant role in the company’s portfolios

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Hiding in plain sight

With interest in renewables and 5G ramping up, an allocation to utilities may be the key to unlocking hidden value, argues Mellon fund manager Jim Lydotes.

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Why low yields are here to stay

The twin trends of ageing populations and technological innovation are likely to put a lid on inflation for some time to come, argues Newton fund manager Jon Day. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities out there for diligent investors

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Mixed market signals pose growth challenge

While an improving macroeconomic picture has helped buoy risk assets in recent months, wider structural weaknesses in the global economy could yet limit any resurgence in economic growth in 2020, say the Newton Real Return team.

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