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Pausing for breath amid market volatility

Amid the torrid market conditions and heightened volatility of recent weeks the BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity (LTGE) Fund has derived outperformance from stocks held in sectors such healthcare, consumer staples and industrials. A long-term underweight exposure to stocks in the financial sector has also been positive, as the sector once again bears the brunt of a deteriorating economic situation.

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Two weeks in financial history

Starting the morning of 9 March through to the close of markets on the 20th, investors saw – and experienced – seismic financial shifts as a series of historic events rocked global markets. Here, BNY Mellon Investment Management managers reflect on these record-breaking events and their potential long-term impacts.

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Why millennials matter to EM debt markets

The global spending power and influence of millennials in emerging markets (EM) could soon be greater than that of any other generation and will call for an increasingly sustainable investment approach, according to Insight senior portfolio manager Rodica Glavan.

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Is Generation X in the EV driving seat?

Generation X has the potential to harness and drive forward advances in technology and mobility innovation that could provide some of the most fertile investment opportunities of the future, according to Mellon global investment strategist George Saffaye.

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Getting the message on millennials

From luxury goods to sportswear manufacturers and wellness products, savvy businesses are waking up to the power of millennial spending, according to Walter Scott¹ investment analyst Laura Clark.

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Assets Special Report

In-depth analysis of the latest developments and expectations for the year ahead in equities, fixed income and alternative assets featuring expert views from Insight, Mellon, Newton and Walter Scott

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Power to the millennial people

Shifting generational tastes mean Millennials now have growing power to disrupt and influence a range of credit sectors, according to Alcentra¹ senior loan portfolio manager of European loan funds, Graham Rainbow.

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