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Eastern promise?

Asian nations such as China are among some of the biggest polluters on the planet but are also, paradoxically, also some of the countries most committed to renewables. While Asia still has a long way to climb up the ESG ladder, the steps they are implementing could set the right pace for a brighter future, creating a range of potential new opportunities for investors.

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Covid-19: A fund manager’s diary

Before the momentous events of Q1 and Q2, few investors were prepared for a pandemic that derailed global growth. Here, Walter Scott fund manager Murdo Maclean provides his account of how events unfolded and what steps his team took to safeguard their holdings.

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Investing in a post-Covid-19 world

Earlier this month, BNY Mellon Investment Management’s chief economist Shamik Dhar spoke with Newton Real Return investment leader Suzanne Hutchins to get her take on central banks’ responses to the Covid-19 crisis and how investors can best navigate towards a post-pandemic world.

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Points of view

For a two-week period in mid March 2020, funding markets experienced severe turbulence, with spillovers affecting many corners of the financial system. We provide an overview of the current situation in funding markets and discuss the main drivers behind the stress seen in March, the impact of policy interventions and vulnerabilities going forward.

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Building the way to recovery

Infrastructure is being affected by the fall-out from global lockdowns and travel bans. But new challenges also bring opportunity, according to Mellon’s infrastructure manager, Jim Lydotes.

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Fallen Angels: A window for forward-looking investors

Today’s economic environment has prompted credit rating agencies to downgrade a substantial amount of debt from companies. However, with the right fundamentals, some bonds may offer compelling valuation opportunities, according to Paul Benson, head of fixed income efficient beta at Mellon.

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Mountains and Roads

Are we headed for a deflationary slump?

Severe recent economic disruption and the scale of the resulting government and central bank support programmes could have serious implications for future inflation levels and wider global investment strategies, says Newton portfolio manager Andy Warwick.

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Step by step

As major equity and fixed income markets reel from ongoing volatility and gloomy economic news, Newton portfolio manager Carl Shepherd, Insight head of fixed income Colm McDonagh and Mellon senior portfolio manager Josephine Shea consider how emerging markets are faring and what fixed income potential they might hold.

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