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Vantage Point: The inflation question

Welcome to another edition of Vantage Point, the quarterly economic and market outlook from the Global Economics and Investment Analysis team at BNY Mellon Investment Management. In our previous edition, we argued the outlook for 2021 depended on whether the ‘bad news’ about new virus strains or the ‘good news’ about vaccines dominated this year. So far, the ‘good news’ appears to be winning and our focus has shifted to the outlook for inflation and its impact on monetary policy. We cover this reassessment and its impact on markets and investment conclusions in our new Vantage Point.


Fixed income focus 2021

As global fixed income investors start to look beyond pandemic pressures, what can investors expect from 2021 and what is the outlook for inflation, interest rates and growth? Our investment professionals consider what the year ahead might bring 

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Lessons from the past: the importance of income

While global dividends fell sharply last year, historical data suggests the power of compounding can endure over time.  

BEACH sectors: A rising tide

As lockdowns ease, pent up demand is likely to drive a substantial increase in discretionary spending, particularly in the travel and leisure sectors.

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