Agents of change:
Shaping the investment landscape

Science fiction is fast becoming fact with new technologies constantly changing the way we interact with the world around us. Explore how these agents of change will affect the global markets and what this will mean for you.

Vantage Point: Negative Charge

Whilst our economic scenarios haven’t changed a lot since Q3, the global slowdown has intensified since our last edition and downside risks are rising. What does this mean for investors?


ESG Special Report 2019

The latest in-depth analysis of ESG matters and their impacts on investors.

Our MarketEye blog

Firm foundations?

Despite some gloomy forecasts about the US housing market, demographic change could help derive significant demand for new homes.

Line of fire

Rising UK student concern on climate change is translating into action, as their colleges and universities reconsider investments that may help hasten global warming.