Exploring the social side of ESG

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How important is the social side of ESG and what challenges do inclusion of social goals within portfolios and data management on this present to investment managers and their clients? Here managers from, Newton, Insight and Walter Scott share their views in a Q&A.

Chair: Kristina Church, head of responsible strategy BNY Mellon Investment Management

Expert investment panel:

Therese Niklasson, global head of sustainable investment, Newton

Rob Sawbridge, head of responsible investment, Insight Investment

Alan Edington, investment manager – responsible investment, Walter Scott

Church: How would you define a ‘just transition’ and is it possible to tie social elements into a broader more climate focused agenda?
Church: Working collectively is increasingly more important in engagement. What key trends are you seeing on the social side?
Church: On the sustainability side we can see a huge amount of growth opportunities emerging for both companies and investors. However, we cannot ignore the wider macroeconomic environment and the real-world impact of recent change such as the crisis in Ukraine. Has that event changed investment opportunities and investment risk in your view?
Church: On the social side of ESG, a lack of data is still a challenge. One set of values in one part of the world can differ very widely from another. Which areas of do you think offers value in making judgements? Can engagement be used as a key way to find out more data?
Church: In terms of client demand in the ‘S’ space are you beginning to see more focus in that area or are you still seeing climate/environmental concerns being the most topical issues within sustainable/responsible investing?. Can investment funds really be structured to deliver on the social side?

1 Guardian. Hitting global climate target could create 8m energy jobs, study says.  23 July, 2021.

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