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Mixed market signals pose growth challenge

While an improving macroeconomic picture has helped buoy risk assets in recent months, wider structural weaknesses in the global economy could yet limit any resurgence in economic growth in 2020, say the Newton Real Return team.

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Can the consumer rescue 2020 income prospects?

With more than double a weighting to the consumer goods sector compared to the FTSE World index, manager of the BNY Mellon global income strategy, Newton’s Nick Clay says he remains confident in select areas for 2020 despite his caution on the global economy as a whole.

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How blockchain is combatting the counterfeit market

Many people associate blockchain solely with cryptocurrency, but this unique form of technology is now helping luxury apparel brands maintain authenticity and integrity with consumers through the use of quick response (QR) codes. Mellon’s Erik Swords weighs in.

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All roads lead to convenience

Cognitive arbitration is a new AI capability is generating a lot of buzz within the mobility space. Mellon’s Rob Zeuthen weighs in on what investors could expect to come out of this new technology.

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Could a fiscal shift spur inflation and opportunity?

Fears evolving monetary and fiscal policy may lead to soaring inflation could encourage investors to diversify their portfolios into both defensive asset classes such as gold and more esoteric investments, says Newton¹ real return portfolio manager Suzanne Hutchins.

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