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Reaching for net zero

Understanding the investment risks and opportunities created by what may be the largest redeployment of capital in history

Responsible Horizons managed by Insight Investment

Many investors are looking to achieve a positive environmental or social impact, and to invest in sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time.

Why Insight Investment?

Insight has long believed that ESG factors can affect the value of investments. Through Responsible Horizons, Insight offers solutions for investors seeking to express their values as they aim to pursue attractive returns.
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Efficient Beta Fixed Income Solutions managed by Insight Investment

Clients have been telling us that they are not getting satisfactory fixed income returns from either their passive or active managers. Efficient Beta is our way of approaching this challenge.

Why Insight Investment?

Insight were early pioneers in indexation and have unique talents to deliver Efficient Beta and are solutions-led, responding to client challenges where value can be added back to help achieve the clients’ desired outcomes.
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Markets 2023: Finding equilibrium

After years of disrupting market events, from a global pandemic to supply chain constraints and a level of inflation not seen in some 40 years, where will markets settle in 2023? Managers across BNY Mellon Investment Management outline some of their thoughts about the coming year.


Market watch with Shamik Dhar

Chief Economist at BNY Mellon Investment Management


Vantage Point: Pivotal Year

Welcome to another edition of Vantage Point and our look ahead to 2023.

At the time of publication, risk assets have been rallying in the hope that inflation may come down quickly and a recession might be avoided in the United States. Inflation does seem to have fallen faster than expected in the past few months, though core remains worryingly high in all the major economies. Our sense is this relief rally may be somewhat premature and that rather more economic slack will have to be created before inflation heads meaningfully back towards target.

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