Assessment of Value Report:
October 2020

In this report the board of BNY Mellon Investment Funds assesses the value for money present across the 40 funds in the range.

For us, value doesn’t just mean cost. Value is a combination of investment performance, product goals and design, transparency, charges and quality of service.

Here we grade our own funds and outline actions we intend to take on those funds where we have identified issues.


In conversation with Carole Judd, chair of the board

Carole Judd, Chair of BNY Mellon Fund Managers Ltd Board of Directors, shares her thoughts on what aspects in a fund she feels are important in the provision of value. She also outlines our own board’s evolution of the assessment of value process.

Board perspectives: Providing value for money

Our BNY Mellon Fund Managers Ltd Board of Directors looks at how the industry could overcome some of the challenges to providing good value.

Board perspectives: Improving the value for the investor​

Our BNY Mellon Fund Managers Ltd Board of Directors discuss how the industry could improve their offering to investors.

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