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Hear what investment professionals from BNY Mellon Investment Management have to say about 2020.

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With all of the latest advancements in technology and data, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the latest findings and what exactly they mean for investing.


ESG Special Report 2019

The latest in-depth analysis of ESG matters and their impacts on investors.

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Consumer power to the people

For 2020 the investment backdrop in emerging markets is likely to remain unstable. However, on a relative basis, overall growth for some emerging markets is forecast to improve.

Rainy days ahead

As the longest US economic expansion continues, states are bracing for what seems to be the inevitable and storing up revenue surpluses for “rainy day reserve funds”, as a result they are under greater financial scrutiny.

Future2024: Is your asset allocation future-proof?

Artificial intelligence and climate change are already beginning to radically transform asset management.

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